Make it All: Arduino Invention Kit


Empower student innovation as they build three projects that culminate in a programmable, autonomous vehicle using found and improvised materials. Students use a simple, block-based, graphical programming language on a laptop, Chromebook or iPad to control an Arduino creation.

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Fuel Student Innovation with this Amazing Arduino Kit for the Classroom

The Make It All Arduino Kit is the updated version of our one-of-a-kind method of introducing micro-controller programming in the classroom. Designed for one or two students, it enables even novices to design and build sophisticated electronic inventions through exploration and by tapping their own creativity.

No matter your student’s age or experience level, the Make It All kit is the best combination of materials, curriculum, and software. A perfect example of a low-floor / high-ceiling tool, this kit will engage students who have never used a microcontroller before as they start their first project. Similarly, it has enough “real-world,” authentic tools to empower advanced students who are ready to take it to the next level.

Best Value — Compared to similar electronics kits, the Make It All Arduino Kit has more components at a much lower price. It also includes a detailed teacher guide and student flash cards.

Non-Propriatery — Our tools are based on generic, Arduino-compatible microcontrollers, the broadest platform for microcontroller programming out there. Unlike other products that are designed primarily for schools, the Make It All Arduino kit uses the same tools that engineers use in the real-world. Hundreds of libraries available for the Arduino programming language make this the most flexible choice for your students.

Multi-Platform — The projects in this kit can be programmed using a Mac, PC, Chrombook, or iPad (with the optional Bluno Blox Ipad app).

Scaffolded not Scripted– Real-world tools can sometimes have a steep learning curve. Clear documentation that is “just enough” to get kids moving forward without providing them a scripted set of instructions that forces them to build a specific invention is included in each kit on clear, convenient flashcards. The iForge programming environment gives novice students a launch pad to writing Arduino code using a block-based programming environment that is web-based and runs on Mac, PC, or Chromebooks.

Built by Teachers — I designed the Make It All Arduino kit around my own experience in my 8th grade classroom. These are the tools and activities that have engaged my students the most and provide the best platform for independent learning.

PBL Projects Include…

  • Illuminated work of art (controlling and mixing LED colors)
  • Kinetic Sculpture (controlling mechanical designs with a servo)
  • Cool Vehicle (Working with DC motors and learning how to program functions)

Kit Includes…

  • Multi-Color LEDs — 20
  • USB Mini cable — 1
  • 9v battery cable –1
  • Arduino Compatible Microcontroller — 1
  • Button — 2
  • Motor Shield — 1
  • Pair of DC Motors – 1
  • Pair of Wheels – 1
  • Micro Servo Motor – 2
  • Breadboard (small clear) — 1
  • Jumper Wires m-m — 15
  • Jumper Wires f-m — 15
  • Light Sensor — 1
  • IR Remote & Sensor — 1
  • Ultrasonic PNG Distance Sensor — 1
  • 10K Reistors – 1
  • Potentiometers — 1
  • Teacher Guide — 1 per order
  • Student Flash Cards – 1
  • Storage Case — 1

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