Make It All - Arduino PBL Kits for the Makerspace Classroom

Help your students to master abstract programming concepts by controlling physical devices like LED’s and motors. Teach the fundamentals of electronics through hands-on projects. Expose students to design thinking and the process of engineering by empowering them to design and build real-world electronics. Arduino in the Classroom is a collection of tools and kits are designed by teachers who have first-hand experience with what works in a classroom. Whether you and your students are brand new to Arduino programming or seasoned experts, Arduino in the Classroom kits, materials and lessons will help to make complex, abstract projects tangible through authentic projects. Based on our experience using Arduinos with our own students, we have selected materials and created manuals to minimize student frustration and confusion. Our kits include pre-cut jumper wires eliminating the need for stripping and cutting while preserving the core concepts of how things connect. Copper tape makes it easy for students to build circuits and can often eliminate the need for soldering. We emphasize the use of found and crafting materials for students to create their inventions promoting creativity and divergent thinking. Arduino in the Classroom activities are designed around a carefully constructed Project Based Learning framework that emphasizes student self-reliance and ownership of the project and the learning.

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