Arduino Create for iForge Download Page

In order to use the iForge tool to compile and flash Arduino code to your board, you need to install a plugin to do so.

We have taken the Official Arduino-Create Agent and modified it slightly to work with iForge.

Thank You! to all the developers that made Arduino Create possible and for sharing it with the open source community. Thank you also to the folks at Install Builder for providing an open source license in support of this project.

You will need administrative access to a machine in order to install Arduino-Create for iForge.

Simply download and run the appropriate installer file below to get started. Note that you can not run both this agent and the original Arduino Create agent at the same time!

Version 1.5 — Upgrade Required for new iForge Site –

Generally, this works right away on Macs. We have noticed that PCs sometimes need a little help, before iForge can flash to a board.

If you have installed the agent successfully but still get an error message when you try to upload your sketch to your board, you may need to install the drivers for your board(s).  If you are using a genuine Arduino board such as the Uno, the simplest way to do that is to Install the Arduino IDE. This has the drivers bundled into it.

If you are using the Sparkfun Redboard (which comes with the Make it All kit), you should install the FTDI drivers.