STEM Talent

Our Mission

We believe that schools are in the process of redefining their relevance. The purpose of schools can not be to disseminate content in a world where content is everywhere and free.

“Educated” can no longer refer to what a person has learned but whether that person has developed the skills and habits of mind to constantly learn the information that an evolving society demands of him or her.

Our mission is to assist schools in making the shift from content-focused curricula to cultures centered on student engagement and skills of life-long learning.

STEM Speakers

Our team of STEM Leaders are available to speak at small and large group presentations, keynotes, workshops and retreats. Inspire your teachers, parents or your leadership team by having them hear from practicing teachers that understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities of the STEM classroom.

Our STEM leaders are seasoned speakers who have presented at the national and regional level including ISTE. Capable of engaging and inspiring an audience through thought provoking anecdotes and observations, STEM Speakers can help to create a shared vision and common vocabulary among your teachers or leadership team.

Our Team

Trevor Shaw, President / Founder
STEM and PBL Speaker - Trevor Shaw Trevor has been helping schools to leverage the power of technology as a learning tool since 1992. He has served as the Director of Technology for two high-performing Independent schools where he designed the technology infrastructure and championed the plans for integrating technology into the curriculum. He has also worked as a classroom English and technology teacher. He has consulted for dozens of other institutions and served on the Board of Education of an outstanding New Jersey School district.

Mr. Shaw regularly presents at national and regional conferences. His eSchool News column “Making IT Work for Learning” focuses on the ways technology can facilitate great teaching. He has also published in MultiMedia and Internet @ Schools magazine. Mr. Shaw holds a B.A. in English from Long Island University and an M.A. in Instructional Media and Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Peter E. Davies, Professional Development & Curriculum Design
STEM and PBL Leader Peter DaviesDuring his 43 years as a teacher and administrator at the primary and secondary levels, Peter coordinated the development and implementation of an integrated STEM high school curriculum that gained national attention in the early 2000’s. He ran the development of the technology program at the Dwight-Englewood School, and has served as a middle school assistant principal and the principal of a preschool- 5th grade lower school. His teaching has been in the areas of mathematics, science, computer science and general technology. His passion has always been to engage students at all levels in challenging real world experiences that naturally cross the traditional lines of academic disciplines and empower in them a sense of their own creativity. Peter holds a B.A. from Brown University in Middle Eastern Studies and an M.A. in Educational Administration from the University of Massachusetts.


David Farrell, STEM / Innovation Leader

Over the past several years, David has brought a dynamic, student-centered approach to the science classroom at the high school and middle school levels. He has taught a variety of courses including Middle School Science, Biology, Marine Biology, A&P, and Geophysical science. His current educational interests are incorporating technology in the classroom in order to enhance and support student learning. David holds a B.A. in Biology from Sacred Heart University. He is also certified to teach chemistry, and he holds a Masters Arts in Teaching Science (MAT) from Montclair State University. David has led summer workshops for us in areas such as Game Design, Model Rocketry, and High Tech Accessories.


Joseph Iwanski STEM / Innovation Leader

An eighteen-year veteran of the Dwight-Englewood School in Bergen County, NJ, Joe has taught Upper School Mathematics, Computer Science, and a variety of STEM-related courses. He has designed the curriculum for the school’s Nonlinear Dynamics and Advanced Topics in Computer Science. Joe was leading the way in STEM Education as far back as the late ’90s when he chaired Dwight Englewood’s Technology department, in the school’s integrated MST (Math, Science, Technology) program. Joe has worked with us for two years as a lead instructor in our STEM Challenge program,  A veteran of the US Navy, Joe served as an officer on fast attack submarines before starting his teaching career. Joe enjoys coaching boy’s tennis in the spring. He holds degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from  Rutgers College, New York University, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Kevin Jarrett, Firewalker Consulting, Professional Development Partner

Kevin Jarrett is an award-winning educator, author, speaker, and respected STEM / Maker Education consultant. Everything he does is grounded in the belief that giving students the opportunity to imagine and create innovative solutions to real-world problems helps them develop the skills, dispositions, and adaptable mindset needed to survive and thrive in an uncertain future. He also believes that making in general and the school maker movement in specific presents a unique opportunity to put students in charge of their own learning. So, after fifteen years in public education, he now devotes 100% of his time to helping schools around the country embrace maker-centered educational programs, primarily by designing awe-inspiring makerspaces and the hands-on, minds-on learning experiences that flourish within them. Kevin is a Google Certified Innovator, one of twenty current Stanford Fablearn Fellows, and a co-founder of the Edcamp movement. He is active on social media, having built a professional learning network of nearly 30,000 people worldwide on Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. He lives in Northfield, New Jersey with his wife and two daughters. In his “spare time,” he enjoys geeking out with his maker friends, cycling, camping and photography.

Kevin has led our Raspberry Pi / Minecraft Coding summer camp and has co-facilitated our STEM Institute Professional Development Workshop.

Athena Kornemann, STEM / Innovation Leader

Athena’s foray into STEM/STEAM came about through her job as an Art and Design teacher at Ridgewood High School, integrating concepts and technology such as CAD, 3D printing, and fabrication into her Architecture, Engineering, and Design Thinking courses. In her own time, she has experimented with robotics and wearables, enjoying the challenge of building and coding her own projects. Athena is also the Coordinator of the newly constructed RHS Makerspace, providing supervision and educational opportunities for both her students and the surrounding community of adult learners. Athena has worked with us for two summers as a lead instructor in our STEM Challenge Program. She holds a B.S. in Studio Art and an M.A. of Art Education from New York University and is certified as a K-12 Visual Art Teacher in both New York and New Jersey.



Christopher Murphy, Professional Development & Curriculum Design
Christopher Murphy has been teaching shop class since 2009, bringing years of maker education experience to Genesis Learning. Christopher gained valuable design experience during his studies at Stevens Institute of Technology, as diverse as chemistry, biology and engineering design. He has led workshops on digital and physical fabrication for students, parents and teachers, ranging from a dozen to over one hundred participants. Christopher finds that the process of making helps students discover their talents and passions by giving them the confidence and the opportunity to experiment and problem solve. Chris holds a BS Chemical Biology from Stevens Institute of Technology.

William (Bill) Rohrbach STEM / Innovation Leader

After a successful career as an executive in theTelecommunications Industry (AT&T, Lucent, Ericsson) Bill embarked on a second career as a teacher of Technology. Bill teaches engineering design, engineering drawing, small machines, robotics and wood shop at the Lawton C Johnson Middle School in Summit, NJ.

Bill has been awarded an AAS in Aeronautical Technology from the Vaughn College of Aeronautics, a BS in Manufacturing Technology from NJIT and an MS in Management Science from Stevens Institute. Bill has also been awarded four US patents.

Bill is one of our lead instructors in our STEM Challenge program.