iForge Help

iForge Help


Access the iForge Tool from any Mac / Windows PC or Chromebook by going to: https://iforge.genlrn.com

iPad Users can program a Bluno Board with the Bluno Blox App


Drag programming blocks from the toolbox categories on the left into the workspace.

Click the upload button to compile your program and flash it to your Arduino board.

Click the Login button and register an account to save your work in the cloud.

Plugin Install

In order to send compiled code from the web browser to the Arduino board, you must be sure that the appropriate plugin is installed.

Common Issues and Questions

Arduino Uno with Laptop / Chromebook

General Problems–

Occasional glitches can often be resolved by restarting the web browser and restarting the Arduino board.

Missing Plugin–

In order for iForgeĀ to work correctly, the iForge plugin will need to be installed from the chrome web store.


Error: Couldn’t find an Arduino to program —

This error occurs when the web browser plugin can’t communicate with the Arduino board.

Timeout during upload (exceeded 400 ms) —

This error can occur when code has compiled successfully but only partially uploads to the board. Once this has happened, no additional sketches will be able to be uploaded from the iForge plugin.


Other questions not covered here? Email usĀ — info@genlrn.com.